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Log files piled up? Cleanup agent log pattern fix.

In Sitecore 7.x they added some new standard logs to the solution.

  • Log – All-purpose, general Sitecore log.
  • WebDAV – Log for WebDAV activity.
  • Search – Activity from searches performed using Sitecore search providers.
  • Crawling – Activity from crawling performed by Sitecore search providers.
  • Publishing – Activity from publishing performed by Sitecore servers.
  • Fxm – Activity from Federated Experience Manager. If you are not using FXM, this log will be empty.

One thing they forgot, was to update the Cleanup agent’s log pattern.

<remove folder="$(dataFolder)/logs" pattern="log.*.txt" maxCount="20" minAge="7.00:00:00" />

This pattern will only match files starting with “log.”. The new log files prefixes with their name:


Without the proper patteren, teh cleanup agent will never delete any of the new log files. To fix this you will need to update the pattern, to match the new Sitecore  standard log names:

<remove folder="$(dataFolder)/logs" pattern="*log.*.txt" maxAge="30.00:00:00" />

This is fixed in Sitecore 8.0 – update 1, however it is still a issue on solutions running older versions of Sitecore.


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