Sitecore Intranet Platform? What happened to it?

If you search for Sitecore Intranet, within the Sitecore regime, you will find the old sdn pages about the intranet portal, with a message saying :

The Sitecore Intranet Platform has been discontinued.

Sitecore officially discontinued the SIP product, after the last release October 22, 2013. The last supported version from Sitecore is Sitecore Intranet 4.1, running on a Sitecore 7.x installation. However, at Oxygen A/S, some of our largest customers were using the Sitecore Intranet Platform throughout their entire organization with multiple integrations. Their employees have one point of entry to most of their systems, the Intranet.

Because of this, we started to develop the Sitecore Intranet platform, upgrade it, remove old deprecated Sitecore elements to replace with newer technology, updated work processes and added much needed features. Today, the intranet runs on Sitecore 8.2.

We have updated it, following these four keywords.

  • Easy
  • Accessible
  • Social
  • Integrated

One of the main feature we have added, is the Social wall:

Oxygen itranet

The wall is where the employee can communicate and share knowledge with each other. They can upload videos, images and direct their messages to groups, users or teams if needed.

Another cool new feature is the groups. The groups in Oxygen Intranet are made both for professional and social purposes. This is an effective way to share knowledge with a project group, but it can also be used in non-work related contexts like film or sport groups.


The new Oxygen Intranet comes with a lot more features than mentioned here. This post was to clarify for Sitecore developers / Marketeers what happened to the old SIP (Sitecore Intranet Portal). If you would like to know more about the Oxygen Intranet, have a look at it here.



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